The 2nd partners’ meeting of the #Erasmus+ project DIGI-Paint is going to take place in person in Dublin on 25-26 August 2022. The meeting is going to serve to make a state of the art of the project’s activities and work together for agreeing on specific tasks about the Project Results’ phases.

The second project meeting, almost at the end of the Project Result 1 (PR1) is an important moment to check the state of the art of the 5 digitalisation tutorials and the 5 teachers’ booklets. The meeting will be an opportunity to examine how the digitalisation of the contents is on track. At the same time, it will mark the beginning of the PR2 with the moment to discuss the design of the real-life-based situations.

The first project e-newsletter will be published in August, and it will be a good time to discuss its structure and content contribution by each partner. Quality and dissemination outcomes will be presented, discussed, and agreed by the partners.

Partners will brainstorm to ensure the alignment of everyone regarding the PR activities and the preparation of future work.

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