The Learning, Teaching and Training Activity (LTTA) is an important event for the DIGI-Paint project. The short-term joint staff training will take place in Rome on the 5th, 6th and 7th of June 2023. At the moment the HUB for teachers, trainers and tutors will be under construction, gaining the opportunity to share experiences and ideas to build up a useful HUB. The activity is organised and managed by the Italian partner Formedil. It will involve teachers and trainers from different countries who will meet for three days in Rome to discuss, exchange good practices, and test the virtual courses that will be ready by beginning of June.

Participants (teachers, trainers, and tutors) will be able to test, improve and validate the 5 virtual courses provided by the partners TU Dublin (Ireland) and Epistemes (France).

The three-day programme will be rich in themes. Workshops will be held between the participants to discuss each of the project’s outcomes (Pedagogical guidelines, Videos Tutorials and Virtual courses) with one guideline: Do our outcomes live up to the participants’ expectations? Are they sufficiently accessible and easy to use (interface, tutor-student support)?

The highlight of this LTTA will be the testing of the Virtual courses by the participants (4 courses on computer + 1 in Virtual Reality), who will be able to perform the exercises available and give their feedback.

The participation of the educators in the Painting sector will be fundamental to adapt, if necessary, and to validate the Digi-Paint project’s tools to provide the best possible results to them and their colleagues all over Europe.

Interpretation from and into English, Italian and French is provided.


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