Why does the industry need PSA?
The painting industry has faced several obstacles in recent years, but perhaps the greatest challenge is the labour force, which offers a shortage of skilled workers on the market. Therefore, increasing interest, promoting a positive image of the profession and facilitating collaborations between EU countries are central objectives that need to be addressed. And this is why PaintingSkillsAcademy was created.
PSA has an ambitious vision in this context: it would like to become a benchmark for lifelong learning, offering qualified academic paths and a European-wide career option and also proposing the recruitment of a highly qualified painting workforce. PSA believes in this crucial mission and thanks to all partners involved in the project we are committed to realising it.

PSA seeks to improve the current qualifications required for participation in the paint industry without affecting existing laws, regulations and standards. The aim is to ensure high standards of training, through the proposal of new innovative offers, digital tools and the mobility of young people in Europe.
PSA offers a wide range of qualifications from level 1 to level 6, compliant with the European Qualifications Framework. Services extend even further, with transnational training, a database of lecturers and courses/seminars, mobility rules and our PSA Training Innovation Lab for Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). PSA also has a group of experts for the review of competencies and the promotion of quality standards and the evaluation and certification of acquired competencies.

Are you a painter-decorator, or would you like to become one?
If you are passionate about painting, or are looking for professional training courses to attend in parallel with your job in the industry, be sure to take a look at what PSA can offer you!

Source: https://www.paintingskillsacademy.eu/

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