After one month, the project partners got together again to complete the video production and share new commitments and upcoming results.

Opening by the coordinator and state of the art of the project’s activity (UNIEP)
UNIEP takes stock of the project’s progress and introduces the new tasks and objectives for the coming months.

Project’s website, Dissemination.
This week there were some updates to the website. The Pedagogical Guidelines for Instructors have been published on the homepage and the project results page. In addition, the News page has been redesigned to put the most recent and/or most important news in the foreground.

PR1 – Pedagogical Guidelines for Instructors
The booklets have been published. It is necessary to finalise the realisation of the five video tutorials to be carried out by Epistèmes. In addition, the factsheets, a helpful tool to present the topics developed by Centres de Compétences in a few steps, will be published shortly.

PR2 – Interactive real-life situations to WBL periods
TU Dublin proposes to create a virtual environment in which the students can go inside and see walls with defects and/or imperfections around them. Once they understand the problem, they can choose the correct solution from those proposed by the software and then proceed to work on it virtually. Epistèmes is working on programming this scenario and we look forward to seeing the result.

PR3 – Digital tools’ database for painting educators (EPP)
PR3 will start soon. It will inquire about existing digital tools used by teachers, trainers, and companies. They will be collected within a database created to give them visibility.

LTTA – Learning, Teaching, Training activities
All project partners are working together on organising this important event, managed by Formedil. It will involve teachers and trainers meeting for three days in Rome from 19th to 21st April 2023 to discuss and exchange good practices.

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