The aim of the third project’s activity, of which EPP is the leader, is to investigate the existing digital tools used by teachers, trainers and company tutors in the Partner countries and among UNIEP members.

As a result of this analysis, a database will be created, which is considered the linchpin of this activity. The database aims to propose digital painting tools to educators to support them in distance learning. Once validated by a group of educators and students, it will be placed within the open access and existing InPaint platform in its E-learning section.

Furthermore, a hub dedicated to teachers, trainers and tutors will also be developed, thanks to the support of the Italian partner Formedil. This hub will create a transnational network, DIGI-PAINTNet, for the free exchange of information and best practices. Teachers, trainers and tutors will be able to exchange experiences and learn new tools in a European context, improving their training skills. This project’s goal is to valorise digital resources in the field of Painting/Decorating, proposing them as indispensable educational tools in our times.