Distance learning, despite its numerous benefits, presents a unique challenge when it comes to student engagement. The main problem is the constant need to sustain students’ attention and concentration. Therefore, educators need to think creatively and proactively to stimulate and motivate students in this digital learning environment effectively. And they can do this through some of the tools developed by DIGI-Paint. Let us look at them together in detail:

  • Pedagogical Guidelines for Instructors
    This document, available in three languages (EN – FR – IT), will outline the topics that are important for online training instructors in general.
  • Videos Tutorial & Factsheets
    These tools aim to give educators the pedagogical and technical knowledge and skills necessary to plan, implement, evaluate, and develop ICT-based courses.
  • Database of digital tools to support painting educators
    There, people will find a collection of existing digital tools that can be used by teachers, trainers and company tutors to train learners. The learners themselves can also use these tools to improve their skills and learn about new and innovative techniques.
  • Virtual Cases
    They provide an innovative and effective way to deliver education, enriching the learning experience and stimulating the learner continuously. These tools are available in three languages (EN – FR – IT).
    Through the Hub, people can contribute their expertise by sharing insights, best practices, and innovative approaches to painting.

All these tools are intended to help educators, teachers, and trainers meet the challenge digital technology has imposed on them in recent years. Distance learning can be effective and successful with access to quality resources. That is precisely what DIGI-Paint has set out to achieve.

Source: digipaint.eu

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