DIGI-Paint is an exciting Erasmus+ project which is dedicated to strengthening online, blended, and distance teaching and learning capacity. The primary objective is cultivating digital pedagogical competencies among educators, enabling them to deliver inclusive and high-quality digital education. DIGI-Paint understands the unique challenges painting decorator educators face in this digital era, which is why this project provides tailor-made digital solutions specifically designed for their needs. The focus lies on empowering teachers, trainers, and tutors, which are pivotal in learning.

Several high-quality tools have been created to improve distance learning and teaching:

  • Five pedagogical scripts. They cover crucial areas: Instructional designLearner motivation and interactionLearning ResourcesEvaluation and Feedback and Online Trainer skills. Educators and VET providers are actively involved in implementing these scripts to ensure alignment and the need to improve educators’ skills in creating engaging digital learning experiences.
  • A comprehensive series of video tutorials and accompanying fact sheets have been created to provide educators with the pedagogical and technical knowledge to plan, implement, evaluate and develop ICT-based courses. Each video and fact sheet is clear, concise and visually engaging. They aim to encourage interactive participation for a practical and enriching learning experience for educators.

  • Virtual Cases. These cases enhance students’ understanding and practical skills in spraying techniquescoatingsmeasurements, and related areas. One of these courses is specifically designed using Virtual Reality (VR) technology to provide an immersive learning experience. By implementing these virtual cases into the training process, the educational value and engagement of courses can be further enhanced, making learning an exciting and practical experience for students.

  • Database of digital tools to support painting educators
    A comprehensive database of digital painting tools, models, cases and videos was created for corporate tutors to support work-based learning in a virtual environment. This tool can be constantly updated and integrated with new materials.

  • The DIGI-PAINTNet Hub. A unique platform for teachers in the construction sector to engage regularly, exchange practices and insightsutilise a comprehensive database of tools and resources and continue contributing even after the project concludes. The objective is to unite and connect professionals with a thousand training centres across Europe.

All these results are intended to lead to better outcomes for students, who will be able to access the training they need flexibly and conveniently.

Source: digipaint.eu

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