Beginning of June, the Digi-Paint Fourth Online Follow-up Meeting took place with all project partners. These monthly meetings are meant to discuss the state of the art of the project and to agree about better solutions for implementing the activities’ products.

An overview of the website permitted to identify new content to be included for supporting the project results’ visibility.

The partner “Centre des Compétences” presented the work done on the Pedagogical guidelines for tutors which will be released soon, whose content is divided in the following parts:

  • Instructional design
  • Learner’s motivation and interaction
  • Learning resources
  • Evaluation and feedback
  • Online Trainer skills

This content will be useful not only for painting instructors but also for any other online trainer who wants to improve skills in the online delivery of any training topic.

The partner “TU Dublin”, having done a careful analysis on the Units of Learning of the Painter qualification, also available on the In Paint platform, proposed to make a series of videos dedicated to a specific discipline. The wall paper covering was suggested as the discipline to work on. It would be helpful to have a small digital manual of an entire process, from start to finish. This kind of solution would much help trainers and learners, and its usefulness would be to give a concrete hand to those who want to understand a specific field in detail and in full.

For more news and updates on the project’s state of the art, check the site’s news section monthly!


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