The first activity of the Digi Paint project has been carried out by the Luxembourgish partner “Centre de Compétences” and concerns the Pedagogical Guidelines for Instructors. This document outlines the different topics which are important for the instructors of online trainings in general. The content is therefore helpful not only to the paint instructors but also to any other online trainer who wants to improve the competences related to online delivery of any training topic. The topics of the pedagogical guidelines are in close correlation to each other and are as follows: Instructional designLearners’ Motivation and InteractionLearning ResourcesEvaluation and Feedback, and Online Trainers Skills. Each one of them has been addressed in a trainer booklet, serving as starting point to build up the scenarios for five videos.

Currently, the second activity is in progress, which is the adaptation in Virtual Reality of real-life situations based on the Painter/Decorator qualification (EQF level 4), namely Wallpapering. The responsible partner, TU University of Dublin, motivated the choice by saying that during the pandemic, the institute closed down and moved to teach online. None of the practical elements could be done as there was no means to do so. The provision of a VR on Wallcovering has the potential to prepare an apprentice during those times of restrictions or limited access. While there is nothing that supersedes the tactile element of carrying out a practical task, the exposure in VR to the processes and sequences of a wallpapering job will be of huge value.


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