In recent months, thanks to the collaboration between Epistemes and TU Dublin, a lot of work has been done on the development of virtual environments in which students and apprentices can try their hand at practical tests using modern digital tools.

Teachers and trainers can plan their courses according to their needs and the trainees’ preparation.

It is then up to the students to identify the pathology and understand what to use and how to intervene to heal the wall.

Let’s see step-by-step what the lesson consists of.

First, students or apprentices will have to analyse the problem they find in front of them.

Then they will have to figure out how to intervene and what kind of treatment to apply to the surface.

And finally, choose the most suitable tools, selecting them from various possibilities.

It may sound like a simple activity, but instead, we can identify this approach as a very detailed practical course, which helps young people to familiarise themselves with the various activities that the profession requires.

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