In 2023, the European Year of Skills, the EU is stepping up initiatives to enhance the employability and competitiveness of its workforce. The European Year of Skills aims to raise awareness of the importance of continuing vocational training to maintain employability and adapt to new challenges. European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen stressed the importance of addressing labour shortages in EU Member States by investing in vocational education and skills development to improve Europe’s competitiveness.

In total, the EU has put in place eight new or renewed initiatives in the framework of its lifelong learning policy. The most important of these are the European Skills Strategy and the Pact for Skills. Both strategies are intended to be a driving force for businesses by enabling the skills of workers to be upgraded and renewed.

The European Commission has set itself several objectives:
– Promote investment in training and skills development
– To ensure that skills are adapted to the needs of the labour market
– Matching people’s aspirations and skills with labour market opportunities
– Attracting people from third countries with the skills the EU needs

The Erasmus+ PaintingSkillsAcademy Project aims to fulfil these same objectives supported by the Commission, and supported by all its project partners, including UNIEP. The presentation by DG EMPL at the Final Conference of the project, represented by Ms Vera Leuner, set the framework for the European Commission’s requirements and objectives adapted to PSA’s project.

Digital skills are also an important part of the strategies. These skills are needed to communicate effectively, collaborate online, solve technical problems, and much more. Workers with these skills can not only increase their productivity, but also contribute to the innovation and digital transformation of their company. Overall, it is essential that workers develop their digital skills to succeed in their careers. This is the aim of the EU Coalition for e-Skills and e-Jobs.

More information:
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