Three days of workshops and discussions on the state of the art and the future of the project.

The most important aspect of this partners’ meeting was the exchange of views and the visualisation of the common vision for the PaintingSkillsAcademy.

The overall result of PSA’s big challenge for the Painting sector, from the qualification portfolio and curricula, to the courses and the methodologies for assessing, validating and recognising competences, will lead to the so-called “PSA Business idea”, an example which will be applicable to all trades, notably in Construction.

Further to the analysis of the work done so far, the partners had the opportunity to evaluate virtual and augmented reality scenarios by testing the developments of this technology. The experience was absolutely amazing!

Time has come to provide a unique European Painting “House” where to find EU agreed standards for Painters, EU training offers available also at National level, and a EU network of accredited partners making smooth mobility through a PSA certificate.



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