The meeting started with a warm welcome from WKO in the magnificent city of Vienna, where the Christmas atmosphere was already being felt.

PSA Overview
The meeting organised in Vienna from 29th November to 1st December, which brought together all partners of the PSA project, started directly by showing an overview of the current project’s situation. This overview summarised the work done within the different work packages up to the business idea and a series of reflections on how to launch the project once it will be presented in Brussels in March 2023.

WP5 – Transnational Training Provisions of the PaintingSkillsAcademy
EUROMASC and NTIM showed the latest developments, explaining the courses collected so far, thanks to the cooperation of the other partners, and a proposal for a database and catalogue. The latter will contain all PSA’s training offerings, consisting of courses and workshops from all over Europe. It will be easy to read and downloadable online. In addition, a printable version has been planned for use at trade fairs or events. All this documentation will thus enable European training and transnational mobility of young people.

WP7 – Validation of prior learning
IDAN, having presented a beautiful dedicated website in Dresden with texts, interviews and video animations, has developed a glossary that will complement what is already done. A valuable element for all those who navigate the site, whose purpose is to help them better understand the material present and to provide a sector-specific vocabulary.

WP8 – Towards sectoral recognition & certification
SBG showed the document carried out so far and worked with all partners to integrate and improve it. A new, updated version will be presented for the next online meeting in February 2023.

WP12 – PSA Business Case
SBG developed the last proposed document in Dresden and all partners analysed and integrated it. The creation of a Memorandum of Understanding was proposed by BIBB and the organisation of a pilot course, which will be held in Gornja Radgona (Slovenia), on 9th and 10th March 2023 was planned.

WP11 – Dissemination
Much work has been done recently to publicise PSA on social media and the website. UNIEP and EPP made partners aware of digital communication. They showed the latest products created (the A4 and A3 poster and the flyer in 12 languages) and all the videos made so far. They also discussed the first steps to creating the brochure and its graphic structure. And to conclude, the partners were reminded of the importance of presenting the project at local and/or national events.

Final Conference
UNIEP and CPEONS worked to show the partners a programme and ideas for the project’s final conference in Brussels. They will take care of the logistics, organisation and event presentation in the coming months.

WP9 – Quality Assurance
At the end of the three days, WIAB gave all partners an overall assessment of the work done.

And now, work is underway for the next meeting, which will be held online on 1st February 2023.


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