The L.T.T.A., one of the most important events of the DIGI-Paint project, took place in Rome last week. Formedil hosted the project partners at its premises. In addition to them, there were also guests interested in learning more about the project and its outcomes. They aim to find solutions to help Teachers, Trainers, and company Tutors provide distance education and training using new digital tools.

On Monday, 5th June, a visit was organised to the CEFME training centre, an organisation for training and safety in construction in Rome and its province.

On Tuesday, 6th June, the Pedagogical Guidelines for Instructors created within the project were discussed, and the first Virtual Cases developed in 3D (Pathologies, identification and treatment / Calculations, measurements and costs / Coating the woodwork) were shown. The guests’ reactions were very positive: they appreciated the project’s results so far and discussed with the project partners to be able to adapt what was created to their needs and use these tools within their training process.

Finally, on Wednesday, 7th June, the DIGI-PaintNet, which is still under development, was demonstrated. The purpose of the Hub will be to connect educators in painting/decoration and construction, exchanging good practices and relevant industry updates.

Last but not least, the database of digital tools to support painting educators was presented and browsed. This database is located within the InPaint platform. This platform is rich in material and documents related to the painting and decorating sector.

In the afternoon, the course designed in Virtual Reality (Spraying a raw plaster ceiling) was shown and tested. Those who tried it out noted the potential of this tool and were confident that they could use it within the training process.

The L.T.T.A. was managed by the Italian partner Formedil. It was an interesting and fruitful event for the project’s progress.

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