After intensive work that led to the development of AR and VR programmes dedicated to the painting and education sector, SBG and SŠSS Teplice, are organising Training Innovation Lab days. These days will involve educators, trainers and students who will have the opportunity to test the created software and learn about its potential.

Indeed, nowadays, training in the painting industry is also changing, turning more and more towards new digital technologies. Thanks to their realistic appearance and interactivity, these technologies allow students to familiarise themselves with the materials, albeit in a virtual context, to gain a practical understanding of the various activities to be carried out in a given situation and to experiment and make mistakes without any safety risks. Moreover, in a context like the digital one, learning resources are unlimited!

Do you know where and when to participate?
The two scheduled events will occur on 27th February in Duchcov (Czech Republic) and 20th March in Dresden (Germany).

Training Innovation Lab


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