The second partner meeting of the Erasmus+ Digi-Paint project has been held in Brussels on the 22nd and 23rd of February 2023 at the premises of project’s supporter SMEunited. This meeting was essential to gather all partners and take stock of the project’s progress.

DIGI-Paint Project Partners

The first project’s activity (PR1) is almost finished, and the videos and factsheets created are in the website’s Video Gallery section. These tools are intended to be useful tutorials for educators in the Painting and Decorating field to help them with distance learning.

The time has now come to focus on the next activity (PR2). The task of Epistemes and TUDublin is to create five virtual cases in which the students can immerse and learn.

These tools will be set directly by the teacher or educator, who can choose which pathology to show within the video and the number of cases. It is then up to the student or trainee to find, recognise, and figure out how to cure them. How? Let’s find out together.

  • First, the problem must be analysed and recognised.
  • Then, one must recognise how to intervene and what solution to perform.
  • And finally, choose the right tools to intervene correctly on the surface.

The student or apprentice is directly involved in a practical activity within the interactive video courses, which requires technical knowledge and prior study. In fact, during their exercise they will find quizzes, which will help them and their teachers to identify any gaps or procedural errors.

All this material will be validated by teachers, trainers, and tutors in Rome during the LTTA (Learning, Teaching and Training Activities) and then inserted into the InPaint Platform.


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